Comedian Randy Rainbow on Saturday posted a caustic attack on President Donald Trump and his suggestion that injecting disinfectant into human bodies might work to cure COVID-19.

“When viral symptoms underlie, there are home remedies to apply,” the YouTube star sings in “Spoonful of Clorox” as he channels Mary Poppins. “And every product ’neath your sink might be a medicine drink. No need for tests, the president suggests.”

The parody is interspersed with video from Trump’s press briefing on Thursday, during which he mused about how injecting disinfectant (and somehow getting UV light inside the body) could help battle the coronavirus.

Randy offers some other tongue-in-cheek suggestions that he imagines Trump might propose: Pledge on your pancakes, bleach in your beer, Windex in your wine.

The video finally strikes a serious note: “DO NOT ACTUALLY DRINK CLEANING PRODUCTS,” it says.

Earlier this month, Rainbow panned another political melody: a love song about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

Check out Rainbow’s full Clorox number in the video up top.


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