More than 300 prisoners were at large on Monday after an attack by Islamic State on an Afghan prison, authorities said on Monday.

The prison is believed to hold hundreds of ISIS members. The attack began Sunday, when an Islamic State suicide bomber drove a car laden with explosives up to the prison’s main gate, detonating the bomb. ISIS militants opened fire on the prison’s guards and poured in through the breach.

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Afghan forces retook the prison on Monday afternoon. 29 people were killed and more than 50 were wounded in the attack. Of the 1,793 prisoners, just over 1,025 have tried to escape and have been recaptured, while 430 remained inside the prison.

A defense ministry spokesman said that 10 ISIS attackers were also killed in the operation and that the assailants killed 5 prisoners, including 2 members of the rival Taliban.

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The attack came a day after authorities said Afghan special forces killed Assadullah Orakzai, a senior Islamic State commander, near Jalalabad.

The United Nations recently warned that IS seeks to recruit more fighters from among opponents of the US-Taliban peace deal signed in February.

The deal is seen as a first step toward intra-Afghan peace talks that are expected after the completion of the prisoner exchange between Kabul and the Taliban. To date, Kabul has freed about 4,000 militants and the Taliban nearly 800 government forces.

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The deal also included a Taliban pledge to prevent Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups from using Afghanistan to stage attacks against the United States and its allies.


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