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Alleged quack plastic surgeon, Dr Anu Fella of Med Contour has been called a ritualist by popular Instagram gossip blogger, Gist Lover.

This is not the first time the cosmetic surgeon is being called out on social media.

Ireportnews recalls that she was dragged on social media several times by her patients for alleged quackery.

One of her victims is one social media influencer, Omohtee.

Gist Lover took to Instagram to allege that Dr Anu is into rituals and allegedly use her patients’ blood, hair and other things for rituals.

See the shocking post below…

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“Hello Tueh Tueh,So Aanu doesn’t just have a police woman backings,She and fifi d moon have a babalawo (herbalist) his name is Opemoluwa Kehinde Anipupo. He is also the official herbalist of a popular monarch in lagos(name withheld)His home and shrine is at ilasan very close to the egugun groove of ikate elegushi kingdom.

Asides from doing regular ifa(herbalist)spiritual work for them. He dables in a loooooooooot of dark craft on their behalf..
One igbo girl they call Constance(orisaronke) The three of them now recruit other females in lekki seeking riches or fame or just trying to sort out some life challenges.not only is Aanu a quack.

When people are laying unconscious on her table, she allegedly extract blood, hair, and other body fluids for dark ritualistic purposes. And anipupo helps them do the dirty spiritual job. Their babalawo. That’s his name. Whenever someone dies on Aanu’s table Anipupo is the one to make sure the case never succeeds. And not just that, don’t forget the patients are also being used for dark rituals, so they end up with energy drain, finacial drain. Basically they become useless. Excpet for people like that tee girl who has a strong and solid God behind them.

So many of them cant fight. They just go away, with physical and/or spiritual deformities. When the first story of the beauty queen broke, it was because fifi and Aanu were fighting then so she stepped aside and withdrew Anipupo from doing the usual.

Aanu had to go back to beg fifi, then they killed the case their usual way. They all work in a ring, with Anipupi for their rituals. And they have different ways of fulfilling their pledge.”

, Ireportnews


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