The annual Ramadan lecture started with a prayer which was done by the master of ceremonies and Alfa Abdulrakim was called upon to recite the Quran.

Annual Ramadan Lecture By Adedas And Company Global Service Limited
Thanksgiving at the annual Ramadan lecture
The acknowledgment of the guests invited to the event was done by the master of ceremony and during the acknowledgment, the mother of Adedas Group Of Companies was celebrated.
She celebrated her 87th birthday on the day of the Ramadan Lecture.
Annual Ramadan Lecture By Adedas And Company Global Service Limited
CEO of Adedas And Company Global Service Limited giving funds to the guest artist while performing
The guests that were on the seat were as follows: King Aladin Eleguishi of Ota, Onilere of ibeju lekki, Baale Oniwasimi, Alhaja Mrs. Ewenla,  Mrs. Oyinlola Ewenla, Oba Oniresi, Pastor Raymond, Chief Onilere, Oba Onipeju Elect, Honourable Abdul Assist, Mr. Olaniyan Babaoba, Alimosho PDP chairman, Honourable Oriyomi, Secretary Pdp, Alimosho, Vice Chairman Alimosho PDP, Baale Wasimi, Honourable Akin JP, and others in attendance.
Annual Ramadan Lecture By Adedas And Company Global Service Limited
Chairman of day in attendance
During the programme, prayers were made for those who had lost their loved ones and also thanksgiving was done to everyone alive to witness the event.
Annual Ramadan Lecture By Adedas And Company Global Service Limited
Members of the events committee and Staff of Adedas and company Global Service limited
The guest artist performed at the event to the merriment of people in attendance.
The guest lecturer, Sheikh Jamiu Ajadi Sanusi (Ami olohun) mount the stage to lecture on the way out of the world economy. during the lecture, the Sheikh stated that anyone who wants to live above this world’s economic issues should do the following:
Annual Ramadan Lecture By Adedas And Company Global Service Limited
Guest Lecturer Sheikh Jamiu Ajadi Sanusi with Prince Adedipe Dauda Ewenla
1. Be secretive about your doing
2. Appreciate God on behalf of someone who is doing well so you can see good.
3. Always honour your parents
4. Always do good to people within your household and not to the people far away.

An interview with the Chief Executive Officer of Adedas And Company Global Service Limited with our correspondence at the Ramadan Lecture

What prompted you to organize this event today and what do you want to achieve with this event today?
Ramadan is a month of blessing according to the Quran and Almighty Allah So, I’m celebrating this to embrace people who are not holy in what they are doing and most people that can be looking for something else to be, to act of crime.
So that is why I’m organizing this annual Ramadan lecture.
This is 12 years I have been doing this.
We in Adedas Group and company, decided to do it annually.
So people will be coming here to hear the word of Almighty God and to listen to the holy Quran.
So I think that’s the only way I can let my people know that crime is not good, and also as they are listening to the holy Quran, the only word of God, at least people that want to do something negatively or bad as listening to the Holy Quran they’ll be conscious of themselves by not doing what is wrong and this what it is good.
And I think by now, you can see people have been here, we have royals in our midst.
We have many honorable men of God.
Our guest lecturer will soon join us. Our lecturers will come to do the lecture.
So we’re here and I’m doing this general lecture yearly to help curb crimes in the community.
And people will listen to this lecture now and their minds will change to good.
Even those that choose to be bad, or those who choose anything crime.
So if they listen to this lecture, they will think very well before they can do anything.
And you can see our topic now is how to work the economy worldwide.
The economy is not good worldwide, it’s not equal in Nigeria, but it is not a bad economy nationwide. So that’s been our talk today.
The lecturer will give us a lecture about the economy, and he will tell us the solution to it.
So people will listen to his lecture and they will know what to do.
 What is your advice to the Nigerian youths?
My advice to the Nigerian youth now is to start thinking about higher.
The higher I mean is not higher in crime, but higher to develop this country, to contribute positively to this nation, because that is the only way we can grow and that is the only way you can cope with insecurity and economic challenges we are facing now.
If our youth and everybody think wisely and think higher
That’s why we need to use our technology our experience and everything we know and what we have learned so far.
This is to establish it to make it higher to become cub insecurity.
I want to advise the youths not to be involved in any crime,  I also want to advise all the citizens not to involve themselves in any crimes at all in this country because Nigeria will soon be good if we think higher and stop committing crimes in our community.
You are a businessman, can you tell us some of your experience in business?
I have a lot of experience in business, you know, as a businessman, sometimes we invest money in our projects, and at times, the business will be profitable, and at times it won’t be profitable, we need to move forward and plan for another step.
Secondly, the country’s situation is affecting business because money spent is higher than money received due to some economic issues, for instance, if there is adequate power supply, the money for petrol consumption and generator maintenance will drop drastically due to this situation, our office daily expenditure for fuel consumption is N15,000 naira.
Am using this medium to call on our government to help look into the supply of power within the country to help businessmen and women minimize costs and to bring development to the country.
What advice will you give a young person wanting to be in your business?
My advice is that success doesn’t come without challenges. So such a person should be ready to handle any changes that come along the way and be strategic in handling such challenges. So it is important to face the challenges and overcome them and not run away.
We must understand that challenges are part of life and you can be successful with facing challenges.


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