Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle has warned of possible reprisals against southerners living in the north.

Bello Matawalle said if northerners and their means of livelihood will not be protected, accommodated, and be dignified anywhere they choose to stay in any part of the South, southerners should not expect protection from the north.

Zamfara State Governor noted that the north has more than what it takes to respond to any kind of aggression and hatred.”

Why Governor Bello Matawalle Threatens Southerners Living In North

In a spoiling-for-war tone, Bello Matawalle said We have seen the destruction, the killings, and the devastation recently at Sasha market against northerners and their economic interests citing the attacks in Shasha and Imo.

Speaking further, he noted, “Last Sunday’s killings of innocent northerners in Imo is one too many, and no matter how we love peace, leaders with conscience and fear of God must speak out against this continued barbarism and hatred.

We will not take that any longer as no human life is worthier than another.”

He pointed out that if push came to shove, the country’s southern region would suffer more.

The South has more to lose in terms of its business interests in the North and the strategic nature they established themselves in the North than northerners living in the South.

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