corona tracing app ready for launch later this week

corona tracing app ready for launch later this week

Germany’s Coronavirus tracing app is ready and could be used by this week, the country’s Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Sunday. 

“It’s coming this week,” Spahn told ARD television.

The “Corona-Warn-App” app was originally planned to be launched in Mid-April, however, national authorities needed more time to ensure that the Bluetooth technology would work at the correct distance and that personal data would be efficiently protected.

Using bluetooth technology, the app will trace and contact people at risk of infection, once an infected person has been identified. The use of the Coronavirus app is voluntary and the underlying personal data will be stored in a decentralised platform, where the relevant information is stored on the handset rather than in a central database.

The smartphone app has been touted by both EU institutions and national governments as a vital tool in containing the spread of the virus and in avoiding a second wave, by tracing and controlling infection waves.


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