Understanding this critical element is essential as we consider the contributions of Chief Tochukwu Ezisi, the president of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF).

Chief Ezisi has been leading NAGAFF for the past three years, and his leadership has significantly impacted its members through programs of sensitization, education, inclusivity, and advocacy for the welfare of freight forwarders.

Effective Leadership Is A Rare Trait That Differentiates Successful Leaders

Upon his inauguration, Chief Ezisi promised the development of a permanent site for the association and has been diligently working to make this project a reality. He has resolved numerous disputes and clarified issues between freight forwarders, customers, and other agencies involved in cargo clearance.

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Chief Ezisi has also engaged in courtesy and familiarization visits to various government agencies, fostering improved relationships between these entities and freight forwarders.

Additionally, he has built over 45 bungalows for indigent persons in his Umuawulu community in Anambra State.

These efforts have drawn the attention of various media groups, leading to numerous awards for the successful entrepreneur.

Effective Leadership Is A Rare Trait That Differentiates Successful Leaders

Recently, the City Herald Magazine honoured him with the “ICON OF DEVELOPMENT IN THE MARITIME INDUSTRY” award at a ceremony held at NAGAFF headquarters on June 13, 2024.

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This award recognizes Chief Ezisi’s significant contributions as a businessman, leader, and humanitarian. The event was attended by the chairman of the NAGAFF board of trustees, Chief Chidiebele Enelamah. The magazine’s editor, while presenting the award, remarked, “We are presenting this award to Chief Ezisi for his monumental contributions to the maritime sector of the nation’s economy, his leadership quality, managerial acumen, and his efforts toward peaceful coexistence within the industry.”

In his response, Chief Ezisi, a modest and private individual, said, “I am humbled by the accolades and particularly by being singled out for an award by the City Herald Magazine I am just trying to do my job in the best and most effective way possible and also give back to society. I do not consciously seek recognition, but I am motivated to do even more for society.” He concluded.

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Chief Ezisi has consistently demonstrated his qualifications, capability, and readiness to lead whenever and wherever needed. His leadership has significantly elevated NAGAFF, making it a key advocate for the rights of freight forwarders.


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