Having First Bank Salary Account can ease your money problems.

“There is always a lot to spend money on, and sometimes the bills can’t wait for the salary to be paid” Tope complained when his wife informed him that they had run out of cooking gas and had to refill.

He had just moved to a new location with his family and the bills seemed to be coming at such speed that he could hardly keep up.

Barely three weeks in the new apartment, the electricity bill had arrived.  The new apartment was bigger than the last and their two double-seater cushions left too much space vacant in the seating room.

They needed to get a couple more furniture to fill the space. His wife had not stopped reminding him of the car he promised to get, in order to ease mobility for the family.

First Bank Salary Account

Everyone has been a Tope at some point in time, and that is why everyone needs a financial partner like First Bank, Nigeria’s premier and leading financial services brand.

First Bank offers a variety of loan products that can help you ease off pressure as you work towards meeting pressing and urgent needs, as well as medium term goals.

FirstAdvance is a digital product tailored for First Bank Salary Account holders, who have an urgent cash need and would want to access salary advance from the bank.

If you have held a First Bank Salary Account for up to two months, you can access 50% of your monthly net salary and as much as half a million naira (N500,000).

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A physical visit to the bank branch is not required as you can access it via the FirstMobile (First Bank’s Mobile banking app) and USSD channels. To access the service via USSD, dial *894*11# from the phone number linked with your First Bank account. This has proved to be the solution for many people while emergencies arise before pay day. There is no point in waiting for month end before you can take on those pressing financial obligations.

FirstCredit is another digital product designed to cater for the non-salaried individuals. All that is required is for your account to have been active and transacting in First Bank for six months or more to access FirstCredit.

It provides customers with quick and easy access to loans to fund urgent transactions. You do not need a smart phone or a physical visit to the bank to get this done as well.

This credit facility can be accessed using a mobile phone and the USSD banking code, *894*11#. You can access as much as N300,000 to be repaid within 30 days.

With First Bank Salary Account no physical documentation or collateral is required, neither do you need a physical visit to the bank to access both loans.

Imagine the confidence that comes with sorting out your bills within minutes and without having to wait till month end.

Salary accounts should do more than receiving your monthly pay from your employer. It should be instrumental in making your day-to-day living easier, and this is what having your First Bank Salary Account can achieve for you.

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You can get a Personal Loan Against First Bank Salary Account (PLAS) if you have a a longer-term project at hand or investments to make. It may be paying school fees for your kids, acquiring assets or renovating your properties, paying rent, taking professional examinations.

Customer who qualify can access Up to N50 million based on their net monthly income and rates are competitive, while offering long term and flexible repayments up to 48 months tenor.

Despite all these benefits and ease in access to loans, it literarily costs nothing to open a First Bank Salary Account.  Zero opening balance, Zero minimum daily operating balance, Zero account maintenance charge, plus you even get your first debit card issued for free.

Truly, it is always “YOU FIRST” from First Bank.

Culled from Nairametrics

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