This briefing pertains to the commendable interception of approximately eight trailer loads of foreign Per boiled rice by Federal Operations Unit, Zone A, in October 6, 2023.

We have seen a couple of other seizures made during the month of September.I’m going to be giving you the details in the course of this briefing.We are all aware of the fact that agriculture remains the cornerstone of Nigeria’s economy, and it underscores federal government’s commitment to achieving self sustaining growth and enhancing the quality of life of all Nigerians.

And in aligning ourselves with this commitment and the spirit of patriotism, officers in Zone A executed a series of operations resulting in the interceptions and seizure of 7029 50 kilogram bags of foreign Pablo rice during this period.

These decisive actions took place at various times and locations, as we have shown you, within the border areas, within areas of coverage of the Federal Operations Unit, Zone A.

The objectives of these operations were two fold.

The first one is to discourage potential traders from engaging in smuggling activities.

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And the second is to inflict maximum financial losses on smugglers beyond the Per boiled rice seizures, the operations carried out by this unit also yielded very significant results in the month of September.


And some of the seizures that we have seen includes the following 35,100 liters of PMS premium motor spirits, 1100 liters of diesel.

A 40 footer container carrying 360 bale’s of used clocks,140 footer container of 150 curtains of ladies and bags,50 bales of knickers and holes of other falsely declared items, 120 footer container of unprocessed woods.

106 Cartons of foreign frozen poultry products, 55 pieces of used fridges, 110 pieces of used compressors,

148 cartons of foreign soap absolute prohibition 121 cartons of expired hair oil, 21 units of secondhand vehicles investigations are ongoing on some of these seizures and we have in our custody 14 suspects in connections with the various seizures.How Zone A Generates N1.7B Revenue - CGS Adeniyi

The cumulative duty paid value of the intercepted goods amounts to 1,757,080,889 naira.

Furthermore, in terms of revenue generation, the unit generated 72,807,025 naira through the meticulous documentary checks and issuance of demand notices on consignments that were found to have paid lesser amounts than the appropriate duties.

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You may note that while we were checking the rice,a good number of the seized rice have gone bad.

A good number of this may have gone bad because of bad storage or limited storage area.

But I also wanted to note that a good proportion of this rice were seized in conditions that expose them to moist.

So some of the rice bags were seized and creeks.Some of them were seized during the rainy season, some of them were seized in swampy areas and their integrity have already been compromised even before they got to our warehouses.

That does not in any way take any thing away from the fact that we need bigger spaces to warehouse all these products.

Importers and licensed agents are therefore urged to make sincere declarations adhering to existing import and export guidelines and avoid the risk associated with the loss on their investment.

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How Zone A Generates N1.7B Revenue - CGS Adeniyi

Compliance is not only illegal obligation, but also a strategic choice that ensures the smooth and efficient flow of goods across our border.

I want to sincerely commend the Customs Controller in charge of Federal Operations Unit and indeed all his team scattered over the various areas of responsibility stretching from Lagos all the way to Ogun and Osun, the northern borders of Oyo State, for these wonderful interceptions which they have made.

Some of these seizures were due to very long hours and days of monitoring intelligence, following up profiles that have been done by the Customs Intelligence Unit and then credible information provided to them in post grade of this seizure.

I want to congratulate the Controller and his team for their doggedness, their determination and the successful patrols which have resulted in this seizure.

How Zone A Generates N1.7B Revenue - CGS Adeniyi

I also want to thank you, gentlemen of the press for your efforts in partnering with us to ensure that this information is disseminated far and wide and sometimes beyond the shores of this country.


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