NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – For six months of this year, Kazakhstan produced 32,701 units of all types of vehicles, which is 58.6% more than in January-June 2019 (20,608 units), Kazakhstan’s Infrastructure Development Industry Ministry said on July 27.

According to the statistics of the Association of the Kazakh Auto Business, in the first half of 2020, Kazakhstan exported 2,475 cars and commercial vehicles for a total of 19 billion tenge ($45.8 million). For the same period in 2019, 607 cars were exported in the amount of 2.2 billion tenge ($5.3 million).

Uzbekistan purchased most of all Kazakh cars this year: 1,804 vehicles for 16 billion tenge, or $38.6 million (zero in 2019); Russia is in second place – 618 cars worth 2.7 billion tenge, or $6.5 million (in 2019, 598 cars worth 2.17 billion tenge);

Kyrgyzstan is in third place – 48 cars worth 163 million tenge, or 393,700 in 2019, one car worth 5.5 million tenge); in fourth place is Belarus – five cars worth 32 million tenge, or 77,200 (in 2019, eight cars worth 72 million tenge).


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