Prince Abdulwasiu Almaroof, Secretary of the Kupoluyi Royal Family, also known as Almaroof, stated yesterday that Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya (aka MC Oluomo), Lagos State Council Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), is qualified to be a monarch in Oshodi.

This contradicts the statement attributed to Maroof-deen Oshodi, Chairman of the Oshodi-Tapa Chieftaincy Family, that Akinsanya had no right to the throne because he was not a member of the family.

Prince Almaroof revealed Akinsanya’s grandmother was Alhaja Shadia Almroof during a briefing with other members of the royal house in Oshodi.

“He (Akinsanya) is descended from the Kupoluyi Royal Family, and that is unarguable.” The family recently met and chose him (Akinsanya) as our candidate for the Oshodi monarch. Other ruling houses are expected to announce their candidates as well. “A monarch would eventually emerge from among those candidates,” he predicted.

According to Almaroof, Oshodi has two ruling houses, Ajenifuja and Kupoluyi, which are listed in the gazette and recognized by the government.

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“We have had 11 Baales in Oshodi so far, but only two have been recognized by the state government.” They are descendants of the Ajenifuja and Kupoluyi families. “As a result, the Kupoluyi family became a prominent ruling house in Oshodi,” he explained.

He went on to say that the Supreme Court’s decision confirmed Arota Ologun as one of the ruling houses in Oshodi.

“Pa Salaudeen Almoroof Ewa, the first prominent kingmaker in Oshodi and my grandfather, is also from the Kupoluyi Ruling House.”

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“This gives our family the right to the stool.” Akinsanya is a legitimate member of the Kupoluyi family. Pa Salaudeen Almoroof’s family, known as Arota Ologun, has 13 branches, one of which is Alhaja Sadia Almaroof, who gave birth to MC Oluomo’s father,” he said.



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