All mosques in Iran re-opened temporarily on Tuesday, May 12, as the country is easing lockdown measures imposed to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

The move followed a consultation with the Ministry of Health, the Iranian state news agency IRIB quoted Mohammad Qomi, the director of the Islamic Development Organization, as saying, although some parts of the country are recording a rise in Covid-19 infections.

According to Fars news agency, Qomi said later on Monday that mosques would only be open for three days commemorating specific nights for the holy month of Ramadan and it was unclear whether they would stay open.

The same day, the President Hassan Rouhani announced that schools are also set to reopen next week.

Iran has introduced a phasial easing of Coronavirus restrictions since April 11, to salvage its economy, which is further hit by US sanctions. The country was even forced last week to devalue its currency to fight hyperinflation caused by the sanctions and the pandemic.

Iran is the country worst-hit by the pandemic in the Middle East, having also suffered the highest death toll. On Wednesday, the country recorded a resurgence of cases, with the Ministry’s spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour saying that the new cases increase the total number of infections to more than 112,000.


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