Nigerians Release Hilarious #BuhariMustGo Song

Nigerians have been reacting to this hilarious #BuhariMustGo Song Amidst Rising Human Rights Abuses, Insecurity, Hike In Petrol And Food Price, Electricity, Traffic.

The song was released by the RevolutionNow demanding people register for the pre-October 1 conference that will be transmitted through zoom and the protest will be broadcast through different social media platforms.

Nigerians have been reacting to #BuhariMustGo song from the micro blogging platforms.

Truth is if #BuhariMustGo pulls over and hands over, who can we trust to repair this Damaged Property called Nigeria??.
Hmmmm one of your family na
Amadi oha
Biafra the reality which none of you wants to see even in this short clip must come whether you like it or not.
Luqman dammylola
I regret voting for buhari everything was just mess up
pius ogbu
The person that sang this song better look for a hiding place…

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This song/video #BuhariMustGo should win an Oscar award …


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