Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah says no right thinking Nigerian will pretend nothing binds us together.

Bishop Kukah said the 923,768 km² that Frederick Lugard brought together binds Nigerians together and nobody should pretend we are not.

He said this on Sunday during a virtual interview with academic and historian, Toyin Falola.

Kukah added that nobody should under any illusion think anybody stands to gain anything if Nigeria breaks up.

“I don’t think any Nigerian, in his right sense, should pretend nothing binds us together. This 923,768 km² that Lugard gave us binds us together. All of us are now global citizens but I know all of us are still nostalgic about this country. It is not going to remain like this and let none of us be under any illusion that anybody stands to gain anything if this country breaks up, nobody is interested in this country breaking up but the point is that who we were yesterday is no longer who we are today,” he said.

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The 68-years old who has never be shy to voice his opinion on national issues said those unhappy with him today will sing his praises after the 2023 presidential elections.

Bishop Kukah said “There are lots of people who are unhappy with me today but I can tell you after 2023, the same people who are unhappy with me today will be the ones who will be singing my praises. The same people who are singing my praises today, if they come to power, they will be the ones who will cast me out.

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“I am happy with that label because it suggests a certain kind of neutrality and this is where we should be going. Religion ought to be protected from contamination by the power of the state.”


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