Russia to hold Victory Day parade on June 24

Russia to hold Victory Day parade on June 24

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the country’s military to hold its landmark parade for Victory Day on June 24, as the country has now stabilised the spread of Coronavirus.

“I order the start of preparations for the military parade … in Moscow and other cities. We’ll do it on June 24,” Putin said on Tuesday. The Russian President also expressed his hopes that the mass procession, known as The Immortal Regiment could be held in late July.

Celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over the Nazi forces are annually held on May 9, however, the Coronavirus outbreak has forced Putin to postpone the Red Square military parade and the Immortal Regiment, for “later in 2020”.

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“We will have our main parade on Red Square, and the national march of the Immortal Regiment – the march of our grateful memory and inextricable, vital, living communication between generations,” Putin had said.

Russia has the third highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases, after the US and Brazil. As of publication, the country has reported more than 370,000 cases and almost 4,000 deaths.


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