New Europe was the first mainstream newspaper to assess the aggressive approach launched by Donald Trump against the Communist Party of China some three years ago, which he has managed to turn it into a new Cold War between the United States and China.

Whether it is right or wrong is a different issue.

The point is that the US is in a full-fledged Cold War against China and this war is extending into a generalized Cold War by the democratic West against China’s Communist system. In this context, the democratic Western nations, in one way or another, are gradually populating an alliance of the free, while China is finding allies in the remains left over from the collapse of Soviet Communism in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In bringing the situation at the present point-of-no-return, Trump has trapped the next American president, whoever it will be, in a position of having no choice but to continue and intensify the Cold War against China.

The Cold War, until it has no winner, is a win-win situation for both sides, which explains while it is highly unlikely to swift from cold to hot. Indeed, as it goes, it has only a consolidating effect for both sides.

Western society is in a deep socio-economic crisis that stemmed from the decade-long policies of austerity and overregulation in Europe and the corrupt administration of the Clintons in the US, coupled with the demolition of the, even primitive, social structures by Trump. The situation both in Europe and the US was about to explode right up to the moment the coronavirus issue appeared. This provided an opportunity to stop, or rather temporarily postpone, these percolating social explosions and gave time to the ruling elites to try to adapt societies to the new normal, which nobody can precisely say what that is for the time being and what changes will it imply and to what depth.

The damages caused by the virus crisis – aside from the number of victims, which are statistically not of an alarming magnitude – is only financial. It is only about money. So far, nobody can safely say what it will mean in one or two years’ time. For the time being, only the price of gold is growing, and this anticipates only anomalies.

The new Cold War, in the short-medium term, only benefits the ruling Chinese Communist Party, which is important for its survival. The Cold War will, once again, necessarily isolate China from the free world. This is the only way for Chinese Communists to stay in power.

Indeed, the Chinese Party’s invention of combining Mao’s version of Communism with a free economy flagrantly failed, and a return to the status quo ante is the only way for Beijing’s Communist system to survive. This implied invention of real or imaginary “foreign enemies”, isolation, and even-stricter Communist rule will, in a Machaeridian approach, eliminate all potential threats to its supremacy.

However, all wars in human history had a beginning, a middle, which is what we now are experiencing, and an end. The end of it will produce a clear winner.

If the winner is China, it will be the end of the civilisation of freedom and human dignity as humanity will witness the Communist Sinicization of everything. That scenario seems most unlikely to happen, but not impossible. The greatest chapters in history are based on human mistakes. However, free people have the power to imagine and to invent, and this is why the possibility that the West will lose this war is nil.

If the free West emerges as the winner, the loser will not be China, but Communism. China will be liberated, and the Chinese people will join a future Western civilization. The new normal will be rather close to traditional Chinese philosophy – minimalistic, with everything in moderation and anthropocentric.

The millennia-long qualities that are deep in the DNA of the Chinese people are still intact despite the desperate efforts of Bejing’s Communists to eradicate them.


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