Life imprisonment appeal filed by six Nigerians convicted of terrorist crimes in UAE has been turned down by the Federal Supreme Court of the United Arabs Emirate (UAE) on Monday.

The ruling issued by Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court, punishing two of them with life imprisonment and four others with a 10-year sentence has been upheld by the court.

The court also ordered the convicts be deported from the country after serving their terms, and the confiscation of all communications devices including computers and mobile phones.

The court ruled that SAM, 40, and SYA, 29, both of whom are of the Nigerian nationality, will be serving life imprisonment and they bear all the legal expenses.

The court also confirmed the ruling issued by the Abu Dhabi Federal Appeal Court, which stipulates that A.AH., 37, A.A.M, 33, B.A.Y,34 years, and SYA, 29, all Nigerians, sentenced to a 10-year prison each of them and the confiscation of all electronic devices, mobile phones, laptops, and cameras used in committing the crime and they bear all the legal expenses.

The State Security Prosecution had accused the defendants of joining the terrorist organisation Boko Haram terrorist group in Nigeria.

The prosecution also charged them of promoting the ideology and collecting and transferring funds and cash donations to this group in Nigeria through financial institutions operating within the UAE.

The defendants also set up and managed websites to promote the ideas of Boko Haram.

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(Gulf News)


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