The United Kingdom said it is monitoring the rise in coronavirus cases in France and Germany after imposing a 14-day quarantine on travellers from Spain.

Germany, France and Britain are the biggest European tourism spenders. There are 9,835 flights scheduled to leave the UK for Spain between July 26 and August 31.

Earlier, Spanish authorities have warned that the country could be facing the start of a second major coronavirus outbreak. The announcement has prompted Britain to put Spain back on its unsafe list beginning Sunday. UK media reported that officials were considering excluding the Balearic and Canary islands from the quarantine after an outcry from tourists and the travel sector.

“We have to keep the situation under review and I think that is what the public would expect us to do. If we see rates going up in a country where at the moment there is no need to quarantine, if we see the rates going up, we would have to take action because we cannot take the risk of coronavirus being spread again across the UK”, junior health minister Helen Whately said, and added:

“For some of the islands, the rates are indeed going up, also there is some movement of travel between the islands and the mainland, so we had to do a clear policy that would best protect the United Kingdom”.


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