A total of seven ladies of the IBB Ladies Golf Section emerged winners at the just concluded 2021 Seniors Tournament at the IBB International Golf and Country Club in Abuja, on Saturday.

Six Gentlemen also won in the men categories.

IBB Ladies competed for prizes in six different age categories while non-members of the IBB Ladies Golf Section played in the Guest Ladies category.

Winners Emerge In The 2021 IBB Seniors Tournament

Ladies categories included golfers in ’66 Years and above’, ’60-65 Years’, ’55-59 Years’, ’50-54 Years’, ’40-49 Years’, ‘Less than 40 Years’ and the Guest Ladies.

Gentlemen played in six different categories: ‘Men Less than 40 Years’, ‘Men 40-49 Years’, ‘Men 50-59 Years’, ‘Men 60-64 Years’, ‘Men 65-69 Years’, ‘Men 70 Years and Above’.

All winners were presented their prizes by Lady Captain MaryRose Richard-Obioha, guests and members of the club.

Winners Emerge In The 2021 IBB Seniors Tournament


S. Komakech won the Guest Ladies category with a 75 Nett point from 103 Gross on Handicap 28.

D. Mamza emerged best with 75 Nett and 92 Gross on Handicap 17 in the ‘Ladies Less than 40 Years’ category.

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M.S Lim finished with a total Nett score of 75 from 103 Gross on Handicap 28 to beat competition from runner-up N. W Abubakar (77 Nett from 99 Gross on Handicap 22) to win the ‘Ladies 40-49 Years’ category.

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For the ‘Ladies 50-54 Years’ division, H. Kim was crowned winner with 75 Nett score, from 108 Gross on Handicap 33.

The Ladies 55-59 Years category saw M. Saleh claim first place with 71 Nett score, from 90 Gross on Handicap 19; G. Ihonvbere was second with 77 Nett from 88 Gross on Handicap 11 while Lady Captain MaryRose Richard-Obioha was third was third with 77 Nett, from 101 Gross on Handicap 24.

Winners Emerge In The 2021 IBB Seniors Tournament

F. Anyanwu recorded 103 Gross, and on a Handicap of 26 and finished with Nett score of 77 to win the ‘Ladies 60-65 Years’ category, beating second place A. Abimiku (78 Nett, 96 Gross, Handicap 18) and third place J. C Bertin (90 Nett, 117 Gross, Handicap 27).

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T. C Owuama recorded 35 Nett score, with a Gross of 52, on 17 Handicap, beating M. F Mmakwe (38 Nett, 49 Gross, Handicap 11) to second place and D. Akinkugbe (47 Nett, 64 Gross and 17 Handicap) to 3rd place in the
‘Ladies 66 Years and above’ category.


O. Oyinlola Grossed 89 on Handicap 12 to finish with 77 Nett score, beating V. Osawe (78 Nett, 103 Gross, Handicap 25) to second place and D. Chuke (78 Nett, 106 Gross, Handicap 28) to third place to win the ’70 Years and Above’ category.

O. Adewunmi came first in the ’65-60 Years’ category with 72 Nett score, 90 Gross on Handicap 18, followed by O. Bello (73 Nett, 80 Gross, Handicap 7) in second place and A. Samba (75 Nett, 90 Gross, Handicap 15) in third place.

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In the ‘Men 60-64 Years’ division, the winner’s prize went to C. Ojo (72 Nett, 83 Gross, Handicap 11); second place position went to M. Abdullahi (73 Nett, 85 Gross, Handicap 12) while B. A Nathus was third with 75 Nett, 95 Gross and Handicap 20.

Y. C Kim won the 50-59 Years category with a score of 69 Nett, 80 Gross on Handicap 11; followed by C. Oboh in runner-up position with 72 Nett score, 96 Gross Handicap 24.

A. I Bello finished one-point better than J. Ihesie to win the Men 40-49 Years category. Bello scored 75 Nett points from 97 Gross on a Handicap of 22 while Ihesie garnered 76 Nett scores from 97 Gross on a Handicap of 21.

O. Babalola won the ‘Men less than 40 Years’ category with 73 Nett score, from 101 Gross on Handicap 28.


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