As Nigeria commemorates its 63rd Independence Anniversary, digital solutions provider, Globacom, has felicitated Nigerians, lauding their resilient spirit which has kept the nation on the path of growth.
Globacom noted in a press statement that the country has continued to march on in its journey to nationhood in spite of the challenges it has faced over the years.
Said Glo, “There is cause for Nigerians to celebrate as we have over the decades weathered the storm and made appreciable progress in several areas in our march to development”.
The company further expressed the belief “that a major reason for joy is the resilience of Nigerians to rise through every obstacle and remain one united country bound in freedom, peace and unity. Our diversity has become a strong pillar in keeping us stronger to forge ahead with greater optimism”.
While adding that the country has striven to overcome the challenges that other developing economies are also going through, the telecommunications firm urged Nigerians to look into the years ahead with positive expectations.
The network therefore pledged continued empowerment of Nigerians with world-class and affordable telecommunications products and services in support of personal and national development.


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