The rapidly rising activist known as Verydarkman, Martins Vincent Otse, has disclosed that Omowunmi, the bereaved widow of the late musician Mohbad, is now prepared to submit her son, Liam Light, to a DNA test in order to calm doubters’ concerns.Omowunmi, the late Mohbad’s wife, has recently come under increased pressure from people like Verydarkman, Kemi Olunloyo, and several internet users to consent to a DNA test in order to establish the biological paternity of her child.

Notably, VeryDarkMan has campaigned for a DNA test to conclusively prove the child’s biological tie to Mohbad and has expressed doubts about this connection.

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He has called attention to Omowunmi’s outspoken claims that she has been windowed and expressed alarm about the possibility that members of her immediate family may be involved.

In a recent video update, Verydarkman said he had heard that Omowunmi had finally bowed to pressure to provide DNA proof.

He voiced doubt about any DNA results that might originate from her, though. His suspicion is a result of the previous incident when he first brought up the subject; her family accused him of being paid to implicate her and even threatened to sue him for N300 million.

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Verydarkman claims that only if they include Mohbad’s parents and utilize their blood samples together with that of Mohbad’s son for the test would he be able to trust and accept any DNA test findings from them.

The significant accusations made by Kemi Olunloyo against Mohbad’s wife, in which she adamantly declared that Sam Larry is the biological father of Mohbad’s son, were also addressed by Verydarkman.

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He claimed that if Olunloyo’s allegations against Mohbad’s wife were shown to be true, it would not only implicate Sam Larry but also Naira Marley, making them likely candidates to be the main suspects in the terrible events leading up to Mohbad’s untimely death.


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