Boko Haram and Political Treachery: the Borno Model for Oyo State, Southwestern Nigeria Conquest was the introduction to my promise to reveal the economic dimension for personal and group gain of those who are tormenting us for their profiting; hiding behind the cloak of religion.
As I was putting pen to paper, there surfaced a video of Major Al-Mustapha on the plundering of our resources in Sambisa and other parts of Northern Nigeria.
He was in his usual element; fully power drunk, candidly flippant, revealing facts but hiding truth.
I will let us into the untold side of Al-Mustapha’s reason for  revealing the economy of Boko Haram, but let me paraphrase for my readers the response from one of our reading family members on the last article,
Rev. Zephaniah Ndaja
Senior pastor Revelation House Int. Jos.
A family that has grown beyond my comprehension as I am made to understand by a candidate in the last Governorship election in Kaduna state who met me at an event at Nicon Noga Hilton Hotel, introduced himself to me and went on to introduce me to a lady and a gentleman with him; then told me about million readership of Nigerians at home and in diaspora who feast on my writings once they are dropped.
He further said, our prayers for you is that you will not end up like FFK in this journey to freedom, to which I said a loud Amen!
Now back to a reader’s feed back, he writes:
“I have read through your article and it was poignant as usual, a wonderful piece of thoughts, but I will like to substantiate the fact of ongoing plundering in Sambisa forest with my personal experience.
Sambisa forest that was mentioned is endowed with a lot of precious minerals.
I have been to Sambisa. Actually, Sambisa forest can be accessed through my mother’s village.
My maternal grandfather used to have his farms on the periphery of Sambisa forest, so we are talking about a place where I have done some farming.
I have also been privileged to witness a little bit of local mineral exploration there, of things picked up by natives for their cultural uses without knowing the worth of the stones upon which they daily trample on their way to the farm.
If only the locals know the worth of their treasure, unrest would have greeted the region long before conspirators could hatch their plundering plans.
Economic emancipation of the people of Northeastern Nigeria would have by now taken the center stage of global sympathy for activism, let me tell you a few things I know about Sambisa forest.
In Sambisa forest, we have the largest feldspar deposit in the world. Not in Nigeria, not in Africa, but in the world.
Feldspar is a component part of what we know in geology as pegmatite formations.
A pegmatite formation is usually the largest harbour of various types of rare minerals, including metallic elements.
In one of my visit to Sambisa, one of the metallic deposit I saw in there, was manganese and it is amazing the kind of formation that you get there.
The manganese coming out of Sambisa pegmatite formation is just like block of rocks.
Very huge in size. You referenced Major Al Mustapha’s presentation, he made mention of Rhodium.
Now Rhodium is one of the most expensive metals on earth. It is much more expensive than Gold, and Rhodium is a member of the platinum group of metals, which comprises of Platinum, Iridium, Palladium, Rhodium and so on.
And when you look at the periodic table of elements, gold comes before platinum, platinum is after gold, which makes it a heavier element than Gold.
And wherever you find platinum, there is every likelihood of finding gold there, so usually, they are associated minerals, they kind of move or exist together, but that is not the big deal.
The big deal is that the pegmatite formation are usually the harbours of the best crystal formation in mineralogy. This means the best crystal gemstones, best quality gemstones or precious stones are usually formed in pegmatite.
This makes this gemstones usually highly priced. Even more priced than the precious metals like gold, platinum and the rest.
So what lives in Sambisa forest is something beyond our imaginations. And these people know what they are doing and what they are targeting.
That’s why you see that till today, Boko Haram is still very much entrenched in Gwoza.
Gwoza local government is still fully under the control of Boko Haram.
There is nobody that has been living freely in this village, or has resettled in any village in Gwoza local government, that you can say they are no longer under any military protection.
So something is going on, but by God’s grace we are going to overcome and we are going to take back our land and our nation”.
Al-Mustapha is justified by the testimony of my reader, all he made were facts, but why now?
Let me paraphrase his message in the video for our reflection so that the motive for speaking where and when he did can be second guessed.
“Of labour activities in Nigeria”, referring I think to labour unrest. “It was simply because of contradictory policies of government upon government in the past.
If government ‘A’ comes with policy A, another government might come and introduce B.
And the question is the labour has never sat down to create a think-tank to say why did government A do this, and B is doing this. You should be seen to have a liaison body, you should be seen to now be working with government, you should be seen to have expanded.
Even if it is Pharaoh that was in power”.
Major Al-Mustapha was proposing a labour government partnership to nation building, what a transformation! The Chief Taskmaster of ‘Pharaoh’ Abacha said things could have been different had Frank Kokori explored the option of dinning with the devil without a long spoon.
“It’s your right. The fact that they are called military government is  different, but I tell you there is a game. Labour against government, government against labour is a literature.
The way budget is prepared so that they take your resources, the way policies are created and given to those in power to just do it blindly so that they can support them”.
Did you hear that? We had a right when we were denied, had we played their game we would all have been smiling with Abacha as a ‘life’ President and he as the surrogate President, but unfortunately God is wiser than men: he ended the game when both the government and the people least expected.
“I give you two examples, please take note of this,” speaking to whoever the speaker was. “You served in Babaginda’s government once there is a military government in place, it is coup that brought them to power what you may not know is that there are international communities involved.
There are Nigerians involved, contractors and civilians involved, there are some notable civil servants involved.
When the government is formed the government is not independent.
Concepts or policies are sold and the government is told to carry them out as part of agreement.
When labour doesn’t like it, they go on strike but there are questions they didn’t ask.
There is so much energy dissipated they shouldn’t have. What you would have done was negotiation rather than confrontation, the labour would have been richer”.
Al-Mustapha was showing labour the path to prosperity.
He pointed out their “foolishness” in failure to do what international community, and other investors in coup were smart enough to do, but labour was too naive to consider.
Had labour activists been as creatively crafty like Adams Oshiomole; they would have ended up in government and changed their poor Khaki jacket for rich fine linen suits.
“There was a psychological aspect of it, because unless there is friction, unless there is gap between the government and the people, those in power will sit comfortably; but the more they create stories and friction is raised out of nothing, government will not be on our feet, bodies like labor will not be on their feet but the more the friction the better and it is when you are fighting that you lose your resources and I give an example”.
Please, i need you to keenly read his next example:
“In 1995, the need to look for resources through African state became an issue. Nigeria was more or less totally bankrupt, the need to run Nigeria became an issue; some of the payment was difficult.
Then Libyan government along with Germany, decided to utilize a Satellite from a private satellite company that has shares of government of Germany in it, they discovered uranium in abundance and in high quality well spread in Nigeria. Out of curiosity that leader and other leaders decided to say scratch out of Nigeria and let’s take a look, they were shocked with what they discovered.
In North east, they discovered a bush and that bush is part of sambisa leading to lake Chad. What was deposited there, this is not hearsay.
I was in Libya, I was in attendance, along with the Nigerian ambassador. Two of us were allowed, then he was later later told to go and I was left alone along with the Libyan leader and the chairman of the company and owners of the satellite. What was kept there  was capable of producing 10 Dubai in 1996, you can quote me in the eyes of this world Mustapha said so.
I am not into rhetorics, I love this country. I stand for this country. We are already targeted and hated by numerous forces but if that is what they should do for us rendering service to Nigeria then definitely they have not started. What we discovered at that time was a shocker, as if I didn’t understand what they were saying. The Libya leader then, may his soul rest in peace, said and I quote “I mean what is in this place is enough for you to produce 10 “Dubais” 1996. The product of this satellite was brought to Nigeria’s head of state by me. I brought the two metallic boxes. Where is it? Who took it? What happened? Where is the money? Now hold on what might interest you is what am going to say Nigeria is poor your industries are dead but hear this. 1st November 1999; I was imprisoned, they came to meet me in prison and they asked me numerous questions on the way we were managing some certain things about Nigeria. I wouldn’t want to mention. They mentioned some names and commanders they required to do some certain jobs for them, but the question I asked is, was it for Nigeria and the end of the day to cut the story short is to tell you that Boko Haram was a calculated game. I’m begging you;  seeing I want us to listen with patriotism as Nigerians because when hopelessness confronts a person who is thirsty and known to him he is standing on an oil sea he is dying of thirst he is looking for water and busy praying, but the senses to dig the water and come back alive is the problem of Nigeria. You are rich, you have it, but you are scavenging for it. Most unfortunately now, from that time till now is 23 years people might not tell you this but I am telling you, I am ready to be accused, abused but it doesn’t matter I am here. Precious stones have been what they have been taking. Boko Haram were our sons and daughters, given a wrong indoctrination taking Opium from Afghanistan the harshest in the world, mixing some with a certain chemical, once they dip a dirt in it and then after four hours whosoever takes it becomes a robot. You are totally robotic, you respond to orders, you will not feel pain, you will not think, you will not reason. They kill numerous soldiers many widows in barracks, many orphans littered all over, many refugees scattered around Nigeria.
Is labour aware? Keep that aside, the social media is created for Nigeria and Nigerians. What you may ask yourself is how much of these rare stones have they taken in 23 years? What has it contributed to Nigeria growth? They tip you to silence with the money? Who are the Nigerians conniving with the external factors? When did it start, and how many are working with them? Can you even quantify the number of officers, soldiers killed? Traditional rulers? Can you quantify the friction created between Muslims and Christians? When a bomb is launched in the church, they will quickly write in the paper the next day it was mosque A that did it and vice versa they bomb the mosque and blame the church. It is not true. It is a game, so that when you fight yourselves, when confusion keeps you aside, they are busy taking what you have.  That you sit down and look at newspapers and you believe in it? No! There are numerous respected  journalists, who are highly patriotic, who are highly respected. There are many of them I can fight for with my blood, but they are poor. They are professionals, but they don’t have money. They have to write what they are told to write. They need jobs, who is fighting for them? Keep that aside. Listen to this. Since Boko Haram started, at one point in time you had satellite, but there was a story that your satellite disappeared, because if the satellite were to be around it would have given locations to our security. They would have seen and known and identified and arrested numerous participants that are taking our precious stones and some Northern names in Nigeria would have been mentioned. Suddenly  there was a story, your satellite disappeared.  The most disheartening story, that only kindergarten children can accept. I tell you with all sense of humility we investigated that not in Nigeria. We went to numerous countries to know the game being played against Nigeria. At our own cost, taking risk to do so. What we have discovered is a shame, monumental shame, before man and before our creator. In the time to come, you will understand, because we will address Nigeria. And it doesn’t matter whose  toes we step on. We will educate Nigerians. Now most of you here have your telephones in your hands listen carefully  labour is poor, agreed.
Nigeria is poor, agreed. Most of you have telephones here. Google as I talk, how much is a kilogram of Rhodium in the international market today? Kaduna where you have most of your industries then, the best four, the pride of all, were in Kaduna yesterday but how much Rhodium do you have in Kaduna? And how much is it per kilogram? Meaning a container is enough. A kilogram of it in world market today is either four hundred and forty something thousand. For small kilogram. They have taken it in containers, in hundreds of containers, they find their way to the port, they go into the international market that is to say if labour can agree with the federal government, take ten containers, you will be the richest, you will have your industries, you will have your market, you will have your dreams attained, your children will have all it takes, you will live well. The question is why are we not making sales with who we are or what we have? That’s what I am talking about since I have short time, my concern is the security of the product”.
Whao! What a kind hearted head of interim government in the making! You heard me right. Or the rumor hasn’t filtered to you. The government that promised several loyalist their party’s presidential ticket which ended up as the biggest political deception in the history of Nigeria. Not even the Prophet at the Citadel with his prophetic number 16 who ended up with zero vote for a 100 million naira could be discerning enough to the truth of intention hidden behind facts.
Al-Mustapha has many questions to answer. You asked us to ask where the boxes of stones you brought back from Libya are? We shouldn’t ask about the many containers of stones that have found their ways to the port, but we should help you locate the two boxes you took to your principal at the villa. Process it sir, are we that stupid?
Sir, can I also ask you the details of the report you brought back along with the boxes to the dark goggle General? Could it be the reason the general wasn’t prepared to let go of Nigeria and wanted life presidency?
Sir, how true is it that there are names up for consideration to head an interim government incase of a People’s victory in the coming election? Have you been spoken to?
Your tone doesn’t suggest negotiations but offers. You spoke like someone who already have a mandate. Labour will do well to aim for a stake in Government?
The Labour union who owns Labour Party on which millions of Nigerian youths along with unionists and workers have found a platform of political expression should jettison their opportunity for political freedom and parley with who (you) for their prosperity?
If Labour can agree with Federal Government? Really! Al-Mustapha led interim federal government I suppose? Then they can take 10 containers of rhodium. They will not just be rich, you said, they will be the richest. What a generous leader in exchange for our decision by ballot.
Labour Union and Party, get ready to own your own markets, see your dreams fulfilled. Your children will have ALL IT TAKES, you also will LIVE WELL and have it all at the expense of the closest you have come to having power and forming government. What a robust campaign! Trade power for riches.
Al-Mustapha should know if there is any promise made to him, it is empty. The composition of owners of Nigeria as revealed by Dele Momodu doesn’t look like people who will be disposed to an Al Mustapha led interim government. Does he think an Obasanjo will forget his treatment in his hands in time?
Have you forgotten sir, you are the only officer who had no “senior” no contemporary in the army as a result of the Island you became under Abacha. Do you think Abdulsalam Abubakar will rejoice in the plan to have you become a leader in his lifetime? You have burnt all the bridges that access your Island. You should be building bridges and not ambition.


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