The Finance and Business Online Publishers (FiBOP) is excited to announce its 2024 Mid-Year Summit themed “Financial Literacy in a Digital Era: Catching Them Young.”

The summit aims to raise financial awareness among senior secondary school students in the country, starting from Lagos State, equipping them with the necessary skills for efficient funds management and future financial endeavors.

The summit, designed to benefit both participating youths and students, will focus on inculcating a culture of savings, investment and efficient utilisation of funds..

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It also provides a platform for policy makers and financial experts to discuss money management fundamentals and new developments in financial education.

Tunde Ahmed Popoola, Group MD/CEO of CRC Credit Bureau, and Dera Nnadi, Controller of TinCan Island Port Command of the Nigeria Customs Service, alongside various financial experts will be speaking at the event.

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They will share their thoughts, experiences and expertise on financial issues, broadening the horizons of these young participants.

FiBOP, a national association of online publishers, is dedicated to promoting informed, analytical, and balanced reportage of economic events.

The summit aligns with FiBOP’s vision of equipping future generations with the tools and knowledge to navigate an increasingly dynamic financial landscape.

“We are enthusiastic about this summit and its potential to impact the financial literacy of young Nigerians,” said Charles Onwuatogwu, President of FiBOP.

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“We believe that early financial education is crucial for the development of sound financial habits that will benefit these students throughout their lives.”

FiBOP invites organizations to sponsor and participate in this summit, thereby contributing to the growth and development of Nigeria’s financial economy.


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